Car Hacking System sing RTL SDR and Hack RF

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Car Hacking System sing RTL SDR and Hack RF

IN This project we hack a car using an RTL SDR and Hack RF. Most RKEs operate at a frequency of 315 MHz for North American-made cars and at 433.92 MHz for European, Japanese, and Asian cars.

First, we use RTL SDR to check the frequency of the car key remote.

We use gqrx software for recording frequency.

 So we get the frequency of the car key remote and know we record this frequency and then we do a replay attack with the help of Hack rf.

For doing this replay attack we use a software

Universal Radio Hacker

          The Universal Radio Hacker (URH) is a complete suite for wireless protocol investigation with native support for many common Software Defined Radios.            

For installing this software we use these commands.

“git clone

      But we use “Dragon OS” Dragon OS is an operating system with preinstalls all these software that hack RF and SDR needs so I do my attack on this operating system.

  “  First we open terminal then type “urh”   ”  

Then urh open in gui form

After that open file and create new project

We created a new project with name capture and replay.

After creating a new project we set the frequency which we got before we set the frequency on 433.91M

And increase bandwidth to 4.0M.

To confirm frequency in this tool we open the “spectrum analyzer”

     We set frequency and connect our hack RF and set bandwidth and gain and press start button.

     so we confirmed our car key frequency on this tool.

   After that we record this frequency.

 For recording this frequency we open the record signal from the file option and record these car key frequencies for replay attack.

After opening the set frequency before we got and set all other settings and press start button.

We recorded the frequency and then press the save button to save this frequency after that we do a replay attack.

For the replay attack open the saved file which we saved before and then putt the gain on zero and select our hack rf device and all other setting is same which we captured before.

 Then just press the start button for replay attack

“KNOW our car opens without key just doing this replay attack with hack rf.”