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Hi, I’m Muhammad Ahsan
a cyber security expert

Versatile technologist with expertise in AI, data analysis, IoT, cybersecurity, and web development. Passionate about using technology to solve complex problems and create breakthroughs.


About Me

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

use AI and machine learning techniques to develop applications and systems that can help organizations increase efficiency, cut costs, increase profits, and make better business decisions.

data analysis

I use Python and advanced data analysis techniques to uncover hidden patterns in your data.

cyber security experts

I safeguard your digital assets with strategic threat analysis and proactive security measures.

Web Development

We’ll handle everything from to web development process until it is time to make your project live.

4+ Years of Experience

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Muhammad Ahsan

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via mail.

Phone: +92 332 5058114 Email: ahsanaawan5911883@gmail.com

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